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Command Query Responsibility Segregation


Speaking at DotNetSpain conference

Too long without posting… Anyway, a short post to remember that I will be speaking at DotNetSpain 2015 about Complex Event Processing, Immutability and Projections with EventStore.

So, if you are interested come and say hi!


Webcast about SOA, DDD & CQRS with NServiceBus

I will be giving a Webcast tomorrow about SOA, DDD, CQRS with NServiceBus in Spanish. In this talk I will cover the DDD strategic design, bounded contexts and how to model domain logic through NServiceBus Sagas.

You can see the details in the following link:


NServiceBus Training

I will be giving the Udi Dahan‘s Enterprise Development with NServiceBus 4-day course in Spain at:


More info at: